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About us

Who are we ?

We’re a group of Algerian professionals, established in the country or abroad, and having a common interest in promoting Algerian professional talents and in maintaining an active link between international talents and their homeland country.

The founders of this initiative all have a shared story of intense engagement in non-profit volunteering efforts to promote Algerian talents all over the world.

Our network grows in quantity and quality through a co-optation process that allows like-minded professionals to join forces with us.

Our network is administrated through a legally established foundation in Algiers. The Foundation has a bord of directors regularly elected from among its members. It’s non-political and non-religious. It is funded by membership fees and event sponsorship. Accounts are audited on a yearly bord by certified accountants.

Our values

IATI is an initiative that aims unity Algerian international talents in a global network to collaborate and cooperate on endeavour that motivate them.

IATI federate its members through a shared vision: Foster the creation of a new generation of Algerian international leaders with story links their homeland.

We intend to do this through specific objectives:

  • Maintain a strong professional network of people through regular and relevant events in Algeria and all over the world. Specifically, the network aims to meet once a year in Algeria to assess its actions and promote achievements.
  • Act on the ground in Algeria and elsewhere, by mentoring and sponsoring promising young generation for their academic or professional projects.
  • Publish, when necessary and relevant, intellectual content around national issues of common interest.

IATI in a few figures

the average number of events organized throughout the year by IATI
members have joined us since the launch of the foundation
godchild have found a mentor to help them reach their goals

Our team

Our board of directors

Mr. Adel Haddoud
Adel Haddoud
Le président
Membre fondateur de IATI
M. Ali Becha
Ali Becha
M. Ali Becha, membre
Mme. Rym Zaiback
Rym Zaiback
Mme. Rym Zaiback, membre
M. Nassim Rahmani
Nassim Rahmani
M. Nassim Rahmani, membre
Mr. Said Boumaza
Said Boumaza
Mr. Said Boumaza, trésorier
Mme. Houda Sahri
Houda Sahri
Secrétaire Générale
Secrétaire Générale de IATI
M. Ammar Khadraoui
Ammar Khadraoui
M. Ammar Khadraoui, membre

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