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Mentor” is a program for high-potential students seeking career guidance. Through this program, they will be sponsored and coached by professional members of our network and from partners companies.

The context

Many Algerian students with high academic potential suffer from difficulties hindering the achievement of their objectives:

  • Lack of advice and isolation from the professional world,
  • Difficulties in adapting to the requirements of higher education abord,
  • Difficulties in finding an internship or a first job,
  • Lack of successful models to follow with which to identify,

Our Project

Create coach-coachee system between experienced executives and students with high potential to:

  • Give confidence, inform and advice on academic and professional orientations,
  • Support referrals in defining and starting their academic and professional paths,
Where do the candidats come from?

We selected candidats from the most prestigious Algerian academic institutions such as ESI, Polytech, EHEC Alger, USTHB, ESC, EPAU, ESAA, MDI…through a rigorous selection process (collegial governance).

Where do the coaches come from?

Our foundation already has, through its members, ~450professional with international experience including +100 in Algeria. We also continue to hire coachs among the executives of our partners companies. We also continue to hire sponsors among the executives of our partner companies.


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